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By great good fortune in our recent travels, we found ourselves listening to the Salisbury Cathedral Choir practice in this incredible room, at the very end of our afternoon visit.

The sound of voices altered, and deepened, our understanding and memory of this place.

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Near the Plaza de las Monjas, in Old San Juan, on a beautiful spring afternoon. Turn up your volume and listen to the sounds of the city.

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Upon our Return

Salisbury Cathedral, and the meads

Salisbury Cathedral

After nearly a month away as we travelled, we have returned home, to sort through the images and experiences we have collected from so many different places. For now, a few of the things we found ourselves thinking:

-When you sail across the Atlantic in near-hurricane conditions (force 10+ gale, winds over 65 knots, 20 to 30 foot waves), and the storm lasts for 3 days of the 5 day crossing, it’s hard not to think about Columbus and Magellan and what it must have been like to take 60 days to cross in bad weather in a tiny little ship, taking a pounding day after day, with nowhere to go to escape the horizontal salt spray and the roaring wind. 

Storm at Sea

Not our picture, but close to what our storm looked like.

-Discovering the Azores for the first time in the middle of 41,000,000 square miles of ocean must have been wonderful. The islands are lush, verdant, temperate,  beautiful.

Sao Miguel, Azores

Sao Miguel, the Azores

-American cities need lots more markets. We read Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” as we travelled, (highly recommended reading) and we enjoyed visiting some wonderful markets. Each had beautiful provisions. The way we eat in this country is flat-out crazy.

Marche, La Rochelle

-Arcaded streets are just better than those without.

City Street, La Rochelle

Arcaded Street, La Rochelle

-There are still a few remnants of the golden age of ocean liners, and here’s one we found in Cherbourg:

Ship Terminal, Cherbourg

Ship Terminal, Cherbourg

-What do we build today that we want to last? Salisbury Cathedral is celebrating its 750th birthday this year. What would we like to see last that long?

Salisbury Cathedral, across the meadow

Salisbury Cathedral

-England is breathtakingly expensive at the moment, but also breathtakingly beautiful. If only we could afford to spend more time…

Stourhead Gardens 

Stourhead Gardens

We’ll offer more as we settle back into daily life. Stay tuned.

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