Analysis – the Next Town

The arch in downtown Willits, California, from flickr. Here is an article that is fairly astonishing, so I thought I would share. I found this at, a great site, and listed below on our blogroll. I apoloize for all the links, and for the resulting raggedy appearance of this post. But the data here … Continue reading Analysis – the Next Town

Global Cooling

Icemen, on the rocks. Recently I have been working to try and understand food history and the development of various milestone food technologies in the last few centuries, with the aim of getting to know what has enabled a global food industry. This is a very complicated matter, and understood and written about by much wiser heads than … Continue reading Global Cooling

Cars, Morons, Greed

And the walls come tumbling down. This afternoon I am trying to calm down, without much success. Let me explain - it's kind of complicated. Congress has just passed an energy bill, which among many things provides for opening U.S. coastal areas to offshore drilling. Only a moron could think of this act as anything … Continue reading Cars, Morons, Greed

Vernacular Urbanism and the Next City, Continued

  The Algonquin town of Pomeioc. Watercolor by Captain John White, 1585. "...comprising the dwellings and all other buildings of the people. Related to their environmental contexts and available resources they are customarily owner- or community-built, utilizing traditional technologies. All forms of vernacular architecture are built to meet specific needs, accommodating the values, economies and … Continue reading Vernacular Urbanism and the Next City, Continued