Vernacular Urbanism, Part III

  A slum in Manila. "All cities are mad: but the madness is gallant. All cities are beautiful: but the beauty is grim."  Christopher Morley, Where the Blue Begins. I continue to search for a vernacular urbanism for the next city. After some reflection, I have concluded that what I am looking for is an urbanism that is local … Continue reading Vernacular Urbanism, Part III

Skeptics and Scarcities: Next Urbanism 101

I have been reading my usual array of favored websites, and have run into an interesting string of comments in the last couple of days. It seems that Michael Pollan's piece in the NYT Magazine, which I recommended in the last post, has ignited a furor in some quarters. Pollan is being accused of "eco-armageddonizing." Notwithstanding … Continue reading Skeptics and Scarcities: Next Urbanism 101

Feeding the Next City

  As I have noted here previously, I have been reading up on the history of food, and how we have arrived at the current state of industrial agriculture - endless fields of monocultures of corn or soybeans, giant factories filled with chickens or pigs or cows, a diet that featured 1/2 pound of high fructose … Continue reading Feeding the Next City