Drive-by Urbanism

Today I try to understand our cities in another way, using a comparative juxtaposition of images. When I went looking for these images, I knew in my head what they would look like, but the actual facts are, nonetheless, a bit of a shock.

Take a look, thanks to Google Earth. All of these images are at the same scale, snapped very nearly all at the target altitude of 735′.

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.

Woodbridge interchange, Virginia.

Place des Vosges, Paris.

Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Pioneer Square, Portland, Oregon.

Route 1 Strip, Virginia.

Piazza San Marco, Venice.

Woodbridge, Virginia.


2 thoughts on “Drive-by Urbanism

  1. A beautiful comparison set! Words are not necessary to tell this story.

    I’ve sent the link to friends who are always asking me why I think northern VA is less than perfect.

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