In an electronic conversation this afternoon, my sister got me thinking. I think I have found one interesting way to get to know a place in the city. Take a look.

The intersection of Main and Clinton Streets in downtown Rochester, in 1896. Now let’s see what happens over the next century or so.

Main and Clinton, 1911.

Main and Clinton, 1919.

Main and Clinton, 1925.

Main and Clinton, 1939.

Main and Clinton, 1941.

Clinton and Main, 1954.

Main and Clinton, 1990.

Photo by fusionstigma, from flickr.

Main and Clinton, 2009.

As novelist Ellen Glasgow once reminded us, “All change is not growth; as all movement is not forward.”

5 thoughts on “Progress

  1. From vibrant to huh? in 60 short years. Please project forward about 30 years and paint the picture for us…

  2. It’s amazing to me that the place has gone from being a truly bustling hive to a ghost town in two or three generations.

    A friend here recently took us on a day-long tour of the city, pointing out neighborhoods, losses, opportunities (plenty of these, I think…). We spent half the day downtown, within the inner loop, and substantially more than half the land is vacant – surface parking or just plain empty.

    There is a discussion here about whether all the emptiness will ever see redevelopment, or should be made into some kind of open space assets. I guess the two are not mutually exclusive, but either way the task is daunting.

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