We’ll Have a Big Picture of Beer

As the fate of 13 Cataract Street is brewing, perhaps a step back to look at all of the possibilities is worth a moment. Join us for an afternoon stroll in our High Falls neighborhood. The High Falls here, on the Genesee River. At the Falls on the left, the wonderful Gorsline Building in a … Continue reading We’ll Have a Big Picture of Beer

A Million Bottles of Beer on the Wall

I'll keep this short. Honest. (Stop laughing). But I do want to offer an update on the ongoing conversation here about the fate of the landmark 13 Cataract Street building. From Albert Stone, 1917. To the left of center, with the steam, is 13 Cataract Street. On the right, immediately adjacent to the railroad tracks, is … Continue reading A Million Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Better Beer By Building Better

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." Albert Einstein. As if to conclusively prove Professor Einstein correct, we stand to lose yet another wonderful part of our particular urban narrative here in favor of  - wait for it - another parking lot. I will be … Continue reading Better Beer By Building Better

The Streetcar City – II

Staib's Saloon, Blossom and Winton, 1913. Of course it was an imperfect arrangement. Streetcars in cities were an important, even critical, part of early 20th century urban life, but like any human conception, not without the occasional flaw. Like the one above, when a streetcar crashed through the front door of Staib's Saloon. Perhaps the motorman … Continue reading The Streetcar City – II