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In December of 1917, our intrepid Albert Stone created a series of eight photographs for a series that ran in the Rochester Herald under the heading “Father Goes Shopping.” It’s a wry look at an addled and overloaded (and now poorer) Dad with his Christmas purchases. Take a look – Mr. Stone captures the moment with his usual droll sense of humor, and his warm and ingenuous sense of urban life. He begins with the wonderful pile of gifts, and an empty wallet.

Shopping 1

Shopping 2

Shopping 3

Shopping 4

Shopping 5

Shopping 6

Shopping 7

Shopping 8

Ho Ho Ho!


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Christmas, Rochester, 1914


It’s 1914. The Red Cross here raised funds that year by selling stamps. Here a team of people at the Rochester Public Health Association opens mail. Judging by the pile of bills on the table, they weren’t doing too bad.

The fellow at the far right in this image is Dr. E. G. Whipple. He built our house.

Christmas is coming – you can tell by what’s going on downtown. It’s 1919.

Christmas 1919

What a city – what a world – that must have been. It’s worth reflecting on how little separates us from that other city, that other time.

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