Drive-By Urbanism, Part II

Here's the next installment. In 1906, the area along the east banks of the Genesee River in our city looked like this: My heartiest thanks to Mike Governale/Rochester Subway for discovering and caring for this sensational view. And in 1921, the area looked like this: Looking north on South from Capron Street, 1921. Looking south on … Continue reading Drive-By Urbanism, Part II

Drive-By Urbanism, Part I

When you make a bad building, or make a building which ignores the streets and blocks of your (urban) setting, (or both) then you have an opportunity to make a creative addition to a very special category of urbanism - drive-by urbanism. Herewith, two examples quite close to home. First, the recently completed Wegmans at East Avenue … Continue reading Drive-By Urbanism, Part I