Future Perfect. Simple.

I will be brief. For once.

Last Month here I described various more or less (mostly less) attractive visions for a livable, durable and workable city of the future. Most of what I could find as I searched for places that looked like somewhere some of us might enjoy, might call lovely, might call home, was pretty awful. Dystopian visions predominate at the moment, perhaps because we are in a rather apocalyptic period.

I ended on the work of British illustrator James McKay, and his images of our cities a century from now.

Yorkshire, 2150, James McKay.
Marketplace, James McKay

Not exactly beautiful, but not quite as grim and dark as Mega-City One.

Mega-City One, from Judge Dredd

I guess what I was looking for was something simpler, something less frenzied, perhaps more welcoming. And a place that we might actually be able to begin to craft from the fabric of our own neighborhoods. So I tried this:

I will keep working on this. I have a ways to go yet.

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