The Cambridge Garage

19-23 Cambridge Street. I have tried and tried and I simply cannot figure out this urban mystery. It all started with a simple proposition: in the city of the horse, where did neighbors go for the occasional rental, or to house their beasts between uses? Did every neighborhood have a stable or livery of some … Continue reading The Cambridge Garage

The Good City and the Culture of Convenience, continued

For those of you who have been following us here at A Town Square for a while – 8 years(!?) – what follows may seem like a bit of heresy, but, as we often say, onward. It didn’t have to turn out this way. It’s true that the way it has turned out is what … Continue reading The Good City and the Culture of Convenience, continued

Moving Rochester

Rochester, Baseball Park, 1910. We've been moved by automobiles here in Rochester for a very long time. But wait! Now we Rochesterians have a great chance to try something both old, and new again. On June 21st Reconnect Rochester is mounting the 2nd annual ROC Transit Day, and we Reconnectors are inviting the entire region - dazzling … Continue reading Moving Rochester