Inside, Outside, Rooms, Memory.

“Every moment happens twice: inside and outside, and they are two different histories.” Zadie Smith Two memories emerged with startling clarity recently. Prompted by a television program, and for reasons which I do not understand, I was at once transported to Louis Kahn's Unitarian Church (1962), where an orchestra was performing on the screen and, … Continue reading Inside, Outside, Rooms, Memory.

Patterns for Next Cities

Nightfall in the Qianmen hutong, Beijing. Image by Ruth Fremson, New York Times. I was reminded again the other day of the muddle-headed New York Times article I have complained about here on several occasions. In that piece (the June 8th NYT Magazine), "The New, New City," writer Nicolai Ouroussoff says, of exploding city development in China or … Continue reading Patterns for Next Cities

Thoughts for Building in the Next City

After writing about the New York Times articles of June 8th in the last two posts, I was contacted by a young woman in London who writes for CNN. She is doing a piece on Steven Holl's 'Linked Hybrid' (LH) development in Beijing, shown below. She wanted me to chat with her about the project. … Continue reading Thoughts for Building in the Next City