Artes Perditae

Artes Perditae is Latin for lost arts. And now it is time for us to find, recall or unearth as many lost arts as we can. We are going to need them. Why? Because as Paul Gilding tells us in his book "The Great Disruption": "We've been borrowing from the future, and the debt has … Continue reading Artes Perditae

The Quiet City, The Future City

"Maybe the future is bad. But there's a future beyond that, right?" Yuno Gasa. First there is the city that we have constructed. Next is the city of the present, a quiet city, a city of stillness, anxiety and waiting. As we are confining ourselves indoors, we ask ourselves about life in our present cities. … Continue reading The Quiet City, The Future City

Challenges for the Next City

A regular reader here asked me a question the other day. He said: "You talk about the challenges facing the next cities, but I am not sure I understand exactly what you mean." So to be as clear as I can, I invite you to read the text below. It is an edited version of an article from The … Continue reading Challenges for the Next City

The Next City – An Inquiry Begins

Lisbon, Portugal In recent months we have had the extraordinary opportunity to visit many cities around the world, from Istanbul to Cairo, Lisbon to Rochester, New York to Portland. Some we have visited many times, some for only a fleeting moment. But we have tried to think about each place, tried to get to know … Continue reading The Next City – An Inquiry Begins