In a hundred years in any city, change is pervasive. We constantly reshape our urban places to suit our sense of what is most important, most desirable, most necessary. And so here, on Scio Street just north of East Avenue, in Rochester, we can see what that refocusing has created, thanks to Mr. Stone. Scio … Continue reading Convenience

I Stand Corrected – Evergreen IV

72 Conkey, Rochester¬†- photo by JF. To my complete horror, I have discovered that some of my facts regarding attempts to save 72 Conkey Street here in Rochester, one of the oldest buildings in this part of the city and originally a family run grocery, were incorrect. I have just learned this, and I must … Continue reading I Stand Corrected – Evergreen IV

One More (Last?) Time, Part II

Herewith, the text of a second communique to City Council members urging that they oppose the downtown bus facility. I keep trying.... We're coming down to the wire now, with the Planning Commission hearing the issue this evening, and the City Council slated to hear the proposal tomorrow evening. I guess I know where I … Continue reading One More (Last?) Time, Part II

One More (Last?) Time

¬† Proposed Mortimer Street Transit Center, looking south. I am going to take one more crack at Rochester's ill-conceived $52 million downtown bus barn. I am having a Don Quixote moment - City Council cancelled consideration of this issue until July, and then, suddenly, today rescheduled consideration for next Tuesday. Somebody is getting pretty pushy, … Continue reading One More (Last?) Time