Mark Your Calendars

On September 6th, at some o'clock in the evening, it is very likely that you can view a film entitled "Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City." Here in Rochester, our local PBS station, WXXI, will carry the film at 10:00pm. I know - it's late. But it's worth it. To take a … Continue reading Mark Your Calendars

Rochester, Then and Now

I continue my research, as I try to become familiar with how our new home city came to be the way it is. And so I have finished reading the Frederick  Law Olmsted Jr. and Arnold Brunner 1911 "City Plan for Rochester." It's quite a document - vintage City Beautiful Movement in text, designs, and recommendations. … Continue reading Rochester, Then and Now

The Next Chapter Begins

Rochester and its river, the Genesee. What better way to get to know a new home place than to imagine it as a case study for examining the next city? Here we are in our new neighborhood, and in between fresh paint, endless trips to the hardware store, and nearly daily (but very enjoyable) snow … Continue reading The Next Chapter Begins