The Evergreen Tract: Shrinking the City II

The Evergreen Tract, 1910. In April I wrote about urban "rightsizing," and about Project Green, our city's plan to tear down abandoned buildings and replace them with green space. That post generated a robust and thoughtful conversation, one that has motivated me to continue to reflect on and investigate what I believe is a wayward, wasteful and … Continue reading The Evergreen Tract: Shrinking the City II

Confronted by Insurmountable Opportunity

  Downtown Rochester today, from Google Earth. The Rochester Regional Community Design Center's (RRCDC's) Vision Plan for downtown, 2008. Pogo, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Talk about a city that is shovel-ready - yikes! As a counterweight to the desolation and destruction of downtown, the RRCDC here has created a Vision Plan, a kind of … Continue reading Confronted by Insurmountable Opportunity