White City: Local Lives and a Century of Progress

A procession begins in White City, in the summer of 1909. We speed through the spaces of our lives as quickly as we can - rushing through the city, rushing to the mall, rushing 20 or 30 miles without blinking an eye. We have to, after all - we have spread out all over the … Continue reading White City: Local Lives and a Century of Progress

A Little and a Lot

The largest city on earth - Tokyo. Image by Altus. I have often found myself reflecting here on matters of scale - of blocks and streets, of cities and neighborhoods. Recently I have found myself thinking about the relationship between the really, really big, and the fairly tiny. Let me explain. We lead our daily … Continue reading A Little and a Lot

Cities, Scale and Economics

We hear every day now about the staggering sums of money being thrown at this and that sinking sector of our nation's economy. It's hard to understand the scale of all of this. I am just now starting to figure out what a toxic asset is, and I am struggling to grasp what $700 billion dollars means. Or $50 … Continue reading Cities, Scale and Economics