More on Increased Urban Density

Life in a 19th century New York Tenement. I am getting  a bit roughed up here on issues related to the need for increased density in the next city. Friends, colleagues, even siblings are suggesting that my recent proposals to use existing rights-of-way (streets, alleys) as sites for new construction illustrate that I am a slap-happy historic homewrecker … Continue reading More on Increased Urban Density

Vernacular Urbanism, Part III

  A slum in Manila. "All cities are mad: but the madness is gallant. All cities are beautiful: but the beauty is grim."  Christopher Morley, Where the Blue Begins. I continue to search for a vernacular urbanism for the next city. After some reflection, I have concluded that what I am looking for is an urbanism that is local … Continue reading Vernacular Urbanism, Part III