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The arch in downtown Willits, California, from flickr.

Here is an article that is fairly astonishing, so I thought I would share. I found this at www.urbanism.org, a great site, and listed below on our blogroll. I apoloize for all the links, and for the resulting raggedy appearance of this post. But the data here are quite engaging. 

Take a look:


Download the Excel spreadsheet and look at the energy assessment. It’s very revealing.

Engineer Brian Corzilius, of Willits, California, a town of 5,000 or so in Mendocino County, decided to make a survey of energy use in his town, as part of an effort there called WELL, Willits Economic LocaLization. Some of the citizens in Willits are trying to make their community more conomically sustainable, and are focusing on localization of resources and assets.

You can visit WELL at their website: www.willitseconomiclocalization.org.

Anyway, the results of Corzilius’ study, which are donwloadable, indicate that nearly 25% of the net (after-tax) revenue in town goes out of town to pay for energy. And this is calculated at lower than today’s rates for gasoline and diesel fuel. 25%! Out of town!

I found his audit fascinating, but equally interesting is the fact that Willits is trying to plan for an economically and environmentally sustainable future. I will have to keep watch to see how they progress. I’ll bet they’re further along than my city, or yours, thanks to Engineer Corzilius’ analysis.

Willits, California, photo from flickr.

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