Mark Your Calendars

On September 6th, at some o'clock in the evening, it is very likely that you can view a film entitled "Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City." Here in Rochester, our local PBS station, WXXI, will carry the film at 10:00pm. I know - it's late. But it's worth it. To take a … Continue reading Mark Your Calendars

White City: Local Lives and a Century of Progress

A procession begins in White City, in the summer of 1909. We speed through the spaces of our lives as quickly as we can - rushing through the city, rushing to the mall, rushing 20 or 30 miles without blinking an eye. We have to, after all - we have spread out all over the … Continue reading White City: Local Lives and a Century of Progress

Speed of Light

Edison's first lamp, by Robert Farrow. I am not a luddite, but I do have a very healthy skepticism about technology representing our salvation. In the past 10 generations, we have succeeded in making an enormous mess, thanks to technology, a mess of such proportions that we are only now beginning to understand what we have done, … Continue reading Speed of Light